Sonora Costa Rica

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Welcome to Sonora Jungle & Yoga Retreat a cozy, stylish Boutique Hotel in the Tropical Jungle

your resting place in contact with nature in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica.

Sonora was born from a fall in love: with a unique land, with the jungle, with the scent of nature that surrounds you, with the waves of the sea, with the flavors of the products of the land, and with the culture of the Caribbean.

Surrounded by the sea and the Jungle

Sonora Jungle is located on a Black Beach surrounded by powerful nature that gradually turns into a jungle, embraced by ancient trees, colorful flowers, and the sound of animals, in a land divided by a waterfall, a beautiful place with comfort From staying in a place surrounded by the silence of the jungle for a relaxing vacation, it has 8 bungalows all with private bathroom and 2 loft-style houses with kitchens, swimming pool y breakfast area.

Casa Solara Algarve

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In her new centre in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal, Solara has once again followed guidance to create a portal in order to attract Star-Soul Family together.  Solara, her partner Gino & her soul-brother Itzak have lovingly restored an old farm house in a stunning hillside location with wonder-ful views. The energy in the valley is crystal clear – the perfect place to recharge and reconnect to your path of awakening.

The retreat centre has 5 guest bedrooms, 3 guest bathrooms, 2 roof terraces with 360 degree views, and a second kitchen exclusive to guests. (2 additional guest bedrooms with 2 en-suite bathrooms will be available in 2022.) The outside dining area is nested under a majestic bougainvillea with views across the valley. The small but gorgeous salt-water pool has built-in benches for meditation & healing, wonderful for pranayama practice and flotation. There are chill-out areas throughout the garden which includes a gorgeous pond with a cascade and a walking spiral.