Born into a musical family in Iceland, Duchess grew up
living rhythm and melody. Growing up with most close
family members as full time musicians, she reveals a musical
taste and style is versatile, experimental and unafraid.
Upon moving to Los Angeles, she quickly came in contact
with the electronic music scene.

She sharpened her skills behind the decks and in the studio as she attended production school in 2015. Her playful, genre-bending sets
quickly started leaving people speechless as she rose up
the ranks to become a household name in the scene, and
is currently one of the top female DJs in the Los Angeles
Sculpting her ethereal sound with emotion, raw percussion
and melody, combined with both electronic and
acoustic instruments, Duchess has an organic way of delivering
a unique blend of sounds and engaging with the
crowd, as the necessity of diversity throughout a set
comes natural in an exceptionally smooth and gradual
way. While channeling her European state of mind through
her sets, she never fails to make people move on the

Am I Right

Am I Right is an Italian based electronic live act. Their musical character is
defined by danceable deep house/ techno beats, mixed with indie elements,
synths and melodic vocals.
Alexander, the Producer, Performer and Multi instrumentalist is highly influenced by his Idols Jan Blomqvist, Rufus Du Sol and Monolink, just to name a few.

Am I Right is coming out now with their most characteristically tracks on their latest EP ‘A Long Way Back’ and there you will find the outcome of a long, deep and personal research which is out taken in 4 beautiful Tracks which all will be released as Singles with remarkable Remixes.

Alexander has lived a period of his Life in Russia where they played amongst other territories like Ukraine, Croatia, Denmark and not to forget Italy and have shared the stage with David August, Nathan Fake and Fabrizio Rat.

On the stage he is accompanied by his log time friend Claudio.


Luyo has been included for the past 5 years in the world’s Top Afro House and Soulful House music artists (Traxsource), with official remixes for the likes of Kerri Chandler, Jocelyn Brown, Gil Scott-Heron, Michael Franti, DJ Spen. Luyo has reached #1 spots in different styles sales Charts (Afro House, Soulful House, Afro/Latin/Brazilian, Beats) and released on legendary labels such as Nervous, King Street, MoBlack and supported by St. Germain and Black Coffee.

As Double Cheese Records’ label head is a trend setter in the underground community, and as a DJ plays at the most exclusive clubs and festivals worldwide like Ministry Of Sound World Tour, Off/Sonar, Amsterdam ADE, Djoon Experience, Soul II Soul’s Back II Life.

Luyo’s first NFT artwork, ‘Ishtar‘, is possibly the first ever released by an house music artist.

“My music research is always more driven by the shamanic aspects of the relationship between man and nature, and man to man. The organic texture and ethnic feel of my latest productions is a reminder of our history and heritage. And in this moment of dehumanization I feel it’s important to remember who we are and where we come from.”

Luyo combustible nature behind the decks has earned him a burgeoning reputation, becoming one of the most talked about House music artist of the new generation.
His DJ set is deeply influenced by shamanism and his travels around the world, including his 10 years residency in Antigua West Indies, his italian heritage and his current residency, Mallorca. The music offering is an uplifting selection of House music, with ethnic nuances from the southern borders of the world.

Giorgio Bassetti

Giorgio Bassetti started his DJ career in 1996. His interest in music already founded by soul and funk from the early 80’s.
Giorgio had his own club venue called “The Local” which although was more known for presenting local Rock bands, opened the doors for him to play at many other venues around the globe.

His friendship with the resident and founder of the infamous Ministry Of Sound in London Justin Berkman, has been a lasting inspiration and positive influence in his work.

Presently Giorgio is partner and DJ at of one of the planets biggest Afro House movements, madorasindahouse.

His productions have been supported by many of the top players in the dance music circuit and have graced many of the top labels in the market.

The Green Room FM

The Green Room FM consists in Marjorje Biondo, Daniele Sinigallia and Ivo Parlati who are based in Italy and do come from very different but great musical backgrounds – which led them all together in the eternal City of Rome. 

In Sing a song writer and Front vocal Marjorje’s family runs classical music on her scottish side and she participated at young age at Sanremo Festival and has done uncountable backing productions at Cinecittá mainly for children movies and played and sang Sanskrit Mantras on her own very deep spiritual pathwhere she met Daniele who comes from a very musical family, being the brother and son of very established italian musicians and very gifted with writing and producing for not only his brother Riccardo but also the likes of Tiromancino, Nicolo Fabi, Marina Rei etc. also Writer of prestigious Filmmusic and Winner of several Prices and Awards in Italy and last but not least, Ivo Parlati the Drummer and third Member from Naples and former Band member of Tiromancino and Musical collaborator of many high class acts like Eduardo Bennato for exampleThose three together form this artistical joint venture and worked since 2012 on their debut Album dedicated which is a very personal reflection of their own spiritual, musical and lifelong researchgrowth and evolution combining various genres and expressing their Oneness very lively on stage.