Raphael Rack

In the layered construction of his pictures, Rack opens up the strata of distant horizons. The width and depth of his pictures are the cuts through the living, full of curiosity and optimism. Some colors wrestle with each other. One must be careful not to get carried away in this turmoil, although one longs to dissolve in order to become one with these ingenious creations.

His cuts through life in the segments of his pictures through memory, vision and flight are accompanied by maloche, sweat, curses, wine, cigarettes, conversation, wrestling, doubts, calls for help and certainty. From this torment he gives birth to the powerhouses of his energetic pictures, their “roots”, as the title of a series reads (…). That cannot be summed up in a single term. Painting as a Merlinian transformation, metamorphosis, condensation of life inwardly and outwardly. (…) In the latest works by the Friedberg artist Raphael Rack, the aforementioned streaking effect caused by the passing of the colors is skinned, broken open like a shell and under the veil there is the pulsating life and glow of the color like a pearl, a treasure. The liberated colors and layers bloom towards us, into the viewer’s space. Stripes and pillows of paint want to take hold of us. Since the epitaph for Orlando he has been searching and finding under the old crust the glowing “carpet of life” of fate and time, effect and counteraction, the upheaval and transformation. The Rooting series is the consistent further development of his long shot, his idea that a picture is “vie entier”, the totality of life. It dissects the depths and heights of the painterly relief with a squeegee, knife and hands. The artist digs up his work, his vision in physical and mental exertion, penetrates, feels alive in the heartbeat of painting. Its rootings grow into the depths of memory, like the dreaming knowledge of the earth. They shine towards us as knowledge, self-confidence and the will to assert, blooming, radiant, powerful, erotic.

Text Dr.Friedhelm Häring

Juri Lorenzetti

His works are part of numerous Italian and foreign private collections. He currently lives and works in Jesi, managing his studio and collaborating on a permanent basis with the COLLECTION gallery in Ancona.

In recent years, his work has focused on research and the correlation generated by the relationship between sign and color, carrying out an accurate study of this connection with an abstract and balanced vision of the surrounding world and the previous idea of ​​the work. He will continue to draw in the next few years and to work with extreme order and rigor for the success of this correspondence between sign, color and chromatic contrast.